Finnish Disc Golf National Championships

Finnish Disc Golf Association (FDGA, in Finnish: Suomen frisbeegolfliitto) is the national organization for Finnish disc golf. Visit our website to read more: Briefly in English – Suomen frisbeegolfliitto

The history of the Finnish Nationals supervised by the FDGA begins in 1998. The competitions have been held annually ever since. Nowadays the Finnish Nationals in disc golf consists of seven to eight competitions held during the period of May until September. The competitions are taking place in different parts of the country. The Finnish Nationals are organized under the supervision of the FDGA.

Basic information about Finnish Nationals:

Finnish Nationals (MPO/FPO):
120 players in 2 divisons: MPO (Mixed Pro Open) and FPO (Female Pro Open)

Team Disc Golf Championships:
36 club teams in two divisions: Open and Mixed
Both open and mixed divisions consist of 18 teams. Each member of a team must be representing the same FDGA member club.

80 players in 4 divisions: MJ18, FJ18, MJ15 and FJ15.

108 players in 7 divisions: MP40, FP40, MP50, FP50, FP60, MP60, MP70.

72 pairs in 5 divisions MPO, FPO, MP40, FP40, MJ18.

108 players in 6 divisions: MA1, FA1, MA40, FA40, MA50, FA50.

Mixed Doubles:
56 pairs in 4 divisions: MPO, MP40, MP50 and MJ18.
Each team is composed of one male and one female player.

Distance throw:
55 players in 2 division: FPO, MPO
WFDF distance rules. Players throw as far as they can from behind a line. The distance from the throwing line to where the disc touches the ground is measured. Players get five attempts, and the best one counts. The current world record is 263,2 meters. See world records here: Distance – WFDF

Results of the competitions:
All Finnish Nationals competitions can be found in Disc Golf Metrix which is the official competition system in Finland.

Guidelines for media:

All media representatives require accreditation. Media should register at the tournament central (Kisatoimisto in Finnish) and hold a media pass given by the tournament.

There is a separate media area in every competition in the Finnish Nationals. The media area is marked separately. Read more of media instructions from

Official still photos available at which includes pictures that can be used with the mention of the photographer and FDGA. Source: FDGA/name of the photographer (if it is available).

Media rights:

The photographer is entitled to use the photos taken in the competition. Commercial use of the photos requires the permission from the FDGA, please contact executive director of FDGA (

Social media:
Instagram: @frisbeegolfsm

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Be careful.
Even the best players make mistakes. You should look out and keep an eye on the discs, especially when you’re close to the fairway.

Be mindful of others.
Only use the marked paths and channels. Watch out for cars when crossing roads. The course is set at a public park and there might be people who aren’t there for the disc golf event.

Use rubbish bins.

Keep fairways clear
Don’t go on the fairways when players are playing the holes. Don’t move if you’re in a player’s field of vision when he/she is throwing or concentrating on his/her throw. Keep your devices on silent or turn them off, especially if you’re close to the players. Don’t use flash when you take photos. Follow the guidance of the staff on the course.

You’re welcome to ask for players’ autographs but please do so after their rounds when they have turned in their scorecards. The best place is near the last scoring station, at the tournament centre.

More information about FDGA and Finnish disc golf can be found on FDGAs website: Briefly in English – Suomen frisbeegolfliitto